Social Golf

Social Tee Times

Mon – All Day. Tue – After 12.30pm. Wed – All Day Thu – After 2.30pm. Fri – All Day.

Sat – After 3pm. Sun – After 3pm

Please ring Pro Shop for availability 02 4973 2455

Conditions for Social Golf Clubs

The Social Club must telephone the Pro Shop, (02) 4973 2455 or email the Office at least fourteen (14) days prior to confirm the booking and then seven (7) days to the date to confirm numbers of players.

  • Green Fees will be charged for the number of players booked to play.
  • Green Fees must be paid to the starter, prior to play.
  • Green Fees will be levied in accordance with the table shown previously, the club reserves the right to increase Green Fees without further notice.
  • No Social Club is entitled to start more players than originally booked, unless prior arrangements have been made in writing within seven (7) days.
  • All players must meet our standard dress requirements or they will not be permitted to play. Sports socks must be worn with dress shorts, shirts must have collars, thongs are definately not permitted on the course, shoes must have a heel, boot type footwear are not permitted on the course, clothing to be neat and tidy.
  • Players must hit off the yellow markers (Social) unless prior arrangements have been made, red markers for ladies.
  • Players must adhere to the local rules applying at the time of play.
  • The following course etiquette must be observed at all times:

– to avoid slow play, please walk quickly between shots
– when a ball is lost or hit out of bounds, call the following players through
– please carry a sand bucket (available adjacent to the 1st and 18th tees) and fill divot marks;
– please rake the bunkers after use.

  • Under no circumstances is alcohol to be brought onto the course as it is available at the canteen or club house.
  • Note: We reserve the right to negotiate any clash of date requirements and to refuse any application.
  • Social clubs are expected to play and behave in the same manner as our club members.
  • Members are expected to play each nine holes in no longer than 2 hours and 15 minutes.

We do have a good relationship with Social Clubs and would like to continue; however, Social Clubs whose members behave outside of accepted principles will not be permitted to play again.