Competition Golf

Some of the various competitions played at Morisset Golf Course include the following formats:

Single Stroke

ballatfeet1 Single Stroke or Medal play is the simplest of all variations. The game requires all strokes to be counted and players are unable to pick up the ball without penalty. The score for the 18 holes is tallied and the handicap is deducted from that total. The lowest score wins, both for gross and nett.

Single Stableford

Each player scores stableford points on a hole based on their handicap and the stroke index for the hole. During the round, each player and marker has to calculate the points allocated to each score on a hole based on the stroke index. A player on a handicap of 12 receives a shot on the 12 hardest holes, while a player on a 27 handicap receives 2 shots on 9 holes and 1 shot on 9 holes, based on the course index.

Two-Ball Best Ball

In a 2BBB stroke event, the better ball scores of partners, according to the stroke index and players stroke handicap, is recorded e.g., a player plays off 14 handicap and his stroke score on each hole is adjusted accordingly to the hole index, so that the player receives a stroke on holes indexed to 14. The gross score less a stroke is recorded.

Four-Ball Best Ball

The team version of a single stableford. The scoring is the same as the single event but only one player can score for each team on a hole. The score is the best result in the team. When the two partners score the same result then the score is marked for the player who holes out first. If a player cannot beat the partner’s score the ball is picked up to speed up play.

The stableford points only are tallied and the highest score wins. Only one player and one marker from each team need sign the card.

Canadian Foursomes

Each player plays a tee shot before choosing the ball to play. Each player then plays alternative stroke until holed out.

American Foursomes

Similar to the Canadian foursomes on half combined handicap. after the tee shot, players play their partner’s ball, then select one ball to play alternately until holed.


Each player tees off. One ball chosen then each player plays within club length and continues until holed out. On the putting green within one putter head.