Permanent Local Rules

Permanent local Rules

 Greens Staff have right of way at all times


When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment.  The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced – 18.2

 BARE PATCHES: On closely mown fairways are considered as GUR – Abnormal Ground Conditions – Rule 25-1.  On Putting Green free relief – Abnormal Ground Conditions Rule 25-1 b (iii)

 DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES:  For all play at this course, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that MEASURES DISTANCE ONLY. Rule 14-3.

EXPOSED TREE ROOTS On fairways are deemed to be GUR but relief is restricted to the lie of the ball and the area of intended swing R & A Decision

2014-2015 Rule 33-8/8

 GROUND UNDER REPAIR:  All areas defined by white stakes and or lines.

Except in a hazard, clearly defined wheel marks or ruts made by a mower, tractor or motor vehicle, drainage pipes and grates as well as ant hills and ant nests are GUR.  Any other GUR will appear in as a temporary local rule.


Cultivated gardens, marked with Blue paint or Blue pegs, are GUR from which play is prohibited.  Newly planted trees under ONE club length in height are to be considered an immovable hazard if the tree interferes with a player’s stance or swing.  The player MUST take relief in accordance with Rule 24-2b, 25-1.

IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: Large stakes supporting young trees, drainage pipes and grills as well as Sponsors signage are covered by Rule 24-2b.  A player is entitled to free relief (24-2) from a sprinkler if, on the closely-mown fairway, their ball lies within 2 club lengths of a sprinkler that is within two club lengths of the putting surface.

MOBILE PHONES: With the exception of an emergency or if a phone is being used as a distance measuring device, the use of mobile phones by a competitor or caddie whilst on the golf course during the competition is strictly prohibited Rule 14-3. Golf Committee members and players who are emergency personnel on call are an exception to this rule and use is permitted, if required. If a mobile phone is being used as a Distance Measuring Device it must only be used as such.

MOVEABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: Metal Hoops and Green Stakes with Rope are considered to be moveable obstructions – A player may move the obstruction without penalty and then MUST replace the obstruction. Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions Rule 24-1a.

OUT OF BOUNDS:  Those areas beyond the course boundary fences, those areas beyond any line of white stakes with black tops as well as the Club House and adjacent gardens.  NO relief available from boundary fences.

 PREFERRED LIES: A ball on closely mown area through the green may be lifted without penalty and cleaned, before lifting the ball the player MUST mark its position. Having lifted the ball the player must replace it on a spot within 30cm of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard or on the putting green.  Appendix 1, 4 Course Conditions B.  A player must only place the ball ONCE and is in play when it has been placed.  If a player fails to mark their ball before lifting it they incur a ONE shot penalty.

PROVISIONAL BALL: If there is a doubt whether a ball is in or lost in the water hazard (from 14th tee on the 14th hole or from the 15th fairway to the 15th green), the player may play another ball provisionally under Rule 26-1 App 1-B-1

RELIEF FOR EMBEDDED BALL: Through the green a ball embedded in its own pitch mark in the ground may without penalty be marked lifted cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole Rule 25-2

ROADS AND PATHS: Only roads and paths that are constructed using an artificial surface are immovable obstructions. Players are entitled to relief under Rule 24.2. The road adjacent to the railway line on the 12th, 17th and 18th holes extends to the fence and players are entitled to relief.

The artificial constructed face at the rear of the bunker on the 1ST hole is considered an integral part of the course. No relief is available.

If a ball strikes the overhead power lines on the 12th hole it MUST be replayed without penalty

If a ball lies within, or a player’s swing or stance is interfered with by the Sewerage works (18th), the Greenkeeper’s Compound or the Leaderboard, the player is entitled to free relief but MUST use the designated Drop Zone

Penalty for breach of local rule: Stroke play – Two Strokes, Match play – Loss of hole – unless otherwise stipulated.

 Additional Temporary Local Rules may also apply.

 Golf and Match Committee – Morisset Golf Club

Competition Golf

Some of the various competitions played at Morisset Golf Course include the following formats:

Single Stroke

ballatfeet1 Single Stroke or Medal play is the simplest of all variations. The game requires all strokes to be counted and players are unable to pick up the ball without penalty. The score for the 18 holes is tallied and the handicap is deducted from that total. The lowest score wins, both for gross and nett.

Single Stableford

Each player scores stableford points on a hole based on their handicap and the stroke index for the hole. During the round, each player and marker has to calculate the points allocated to each score on a hole based on the stroke index. A player on a handicap of 12 receives a shot on the 12 hardest holes, while a player on a 27 handicap receives 2 shots on 9 holes and 1 shot on 9 holes, based on the course index.

Two-Ball Best Ball

In a 2BBB stroke event, the better ball scores of partners, according to the stroke index and players stroke handicap, is recorded e.g., a player plays off 14 handicap and his stroke score on each hole is adjusted accordingly to the hole index, so that the player receives a stroke on holes indexed to 14. The gross score less a stroke is recorded.

Four-Ball Best Ball

The team version of a single stableford. The scoring is the same as the single event but only one player can score for each team on a hole. The score is the best result in the team. When the two partners score the same result then the score is marked for the player who holes out first. If a player cannot beat the partner’s score the ball is picked up to speed up play.

The stableford points only are tallied and the highest score wins. Only one player and one marker from each team need sign the card.

Canadian Foursomes

Each player plays a tee shot before choosing the ball to play. Each player then plays alternative stroke until holed out.

American Foursomes

Similar to the Canadian foursomes on half combined handicap. after the tee shot, players play their partner’s ball, then select one ball to play alternately until holed.


Each player tees off. One ball chosen then each player plays within club length and continues until holed out. On the putting green within one putter head.

Dave’s Golf Shop

David P Stretton
stretton1Dave Stretton is the Head Professional and your local Pro at Morisset Golf Club and has been here since 2005. Dave started off his traineeship at North Ryde Golf Course in Sydney in 1988 under Club Professional Barry Green.

He then took up his first job in Cowra Central West NSW in 1995 where he was the Club Professional for 10 years and was the Chairman of Tourism and Chairman of the famous Japanese Gardens for a period of his time in the west. Whilst at Cowra Golf Club he received the 2004 Country Pro Am of the year award and made a name for himself as a great golf event organiser.

stretton2In 2005, Dave moved to Morisset in search of a new challenge and to further his career in professional golf. Not long after, Dave was elected to the NSW PGA Divisional Committee in 2007 and was a key member for 9 years, 6 of them being as the state’s chairman. In 2015, Dave was elected as a director on the Australian PGA’s National Board. With a focus to look after his peers and make sure they have a voice in the future of professional golf in Australia.

“The club professional is the front door to all golf clubs. They are normally the first person you meet and first impressions last”

In 2007, Dave won the Club Professional of the Year Award and has been nominated by his club 10 out of the 11 years he has served here at Morisset Golf Club. Dave is very proud to be part of a great team that coordinates and stages the annual MCCL Pro Am which won best regional pro am in 2011 and always strives to be one of the best in the country.

He is dedicated to providing golfers with as many opportunities to play golf as possible and is the major organiser of Dave’s Golf Tours, which has been actively running for 2 years. Having been to some of the most beautiful destinations including; Barnbougle (Tasmania), Gold Coast (Queensland), and the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. His goal is to take members and all keen golfers to Australia’s best golfing destinations and give them an experience both on and off the course they will never forget.

Dave is 47 has been a PGA member for 26 years & has 3 beautiful children,  Hannah , Lewis and Nicholas and has a loving partner in Danielle.

Dave is our club professional.

Dave Van-Raalte
van-raalte1Dave Van-Raalte began his traineeship at Maitland in 1988 and finished at Muree Golf Club, coming to Morisset Golf Club in 2006.

As Assistant Professional at Dave’s Golf Shop, Dave has bought a knack for learning with him, where his dedication and active involvement in teaching is one of his strongest pursuits.

He actively involves himself in the organisation and running of weekly Ladies and Junior clinics that enable people to refine their golfing skills and learn the tricks of the trade.

van-raalte2His craftsmanship in club repairs and re-grips is of an exceptional value to Dave’s Golf Shop. For quick, professional and quality repairs and golf club advice Dave is of great service to you.

Dave has been an active Pro-Am player for over 20 years and has won numerous events, including the National Order of Merit. His commitment to the game has enabled him to compete in golfing tournaments around Australia at the highest level. To this day he continues to compete in major golfing events, exhibiting his passion and love for the game of golf. His skill and passion for the game took him to compete at the Professionals Championship in Hamilton Island in 2015.

Hannah Stretton
Hannah’s position at Dave’s Golf Shop is ahannah2s our shop assistant and social club coordinator.

Hannah began working at Dave’s Golf Shop in 2013 as a part time job whilst at school. Which has now become her part time job in between university lectures and assessments, where she is studying to become a journalist.

As our youngest member of staff, Hannah has helped to bring a tech-savvy approach to Dave’s Golf Shop – writing, organising, editing and filming content to be put in the monthly newsletter whilst managing our social media content.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for Dave’s newsletter or want to make a social club booking, Hannah is your girl.

Zach Churcher
churcherZach is one of the newest additions to Dave’s Golf Shop, joining us in his second year of his PGA traineeship.

His passion for golf began at a young age, being inspired to play by his father Mark Churcher who is also a PGA member at Kooindah Waters Golf Club.

Zach’s active involvement in the game of golf is of commendable credit, having been awarded a playing scholarship as an amateur golfer and is showing promise in several Trainee golf matches – having won the Springs Golf Club Trainee Match.

Despite only being with us for a short while, Zach has proven to be a great additional member to staff. Offering his skill and golfing expertise to help out around the shop and assist in any queries our golfers have.

Zach’s plans for the future is to inspire other people; young and old, to become actively involved in golf and to encourage more people to go out and give it a go. For any golf tips, friendly banter or just a general chat; Zach’s your guy.

Bruce Darby
darbyBruce Darby, affectionately known as Buckets by those who know him well has been a life-long member here at Morisset Golf Club for 33 years.

With a slippery nature and a way with words; he is a great addition to the DGS staff.

Bruce’s constant love and support of golf and Morisset Golf Club is exhibited through involvement in club events and assistance around the Pro Shop.

Has been a great assisting member of Dave’s Golf Shop for 11 years, and has established himself in high regard with all Social clubs that visit our lovely course.

Morisset would not be the same without our Bruce.

Glenn Gardner
gardnerAt Morisset Golf Club we pride ourselves on our relationship with our members, therefore we have enlisted the help of our valued golf members in our Pro Shop.

Glenn has been a member here at Morisset Golf Club for nearly 21 years and every Sunday he assists with social clubs to ensure hospitable service and punctuality.

Glenn actively assists in the Pro Shop and works alongside Hannah Stretton to communicate with social clubs and ensure all bookings are confirmed and frequently checked.

Glenn is a past Club Captain and is held in high regard with all our members.

Playing Fees

Category Fee Category Fee
Member Social $6 Members Competition $16
Visiting Member Social 18 Holes $27 Visitors Competition $26
Social Player 18 Holes $32 Members Chicken Run $8
Junior Member Social $3 Visitors Chicken Run $14
Junior Social $10 Ladies Tuesday Comp. Member. $16
Visitor 9 Holes $22 Ladies Tuesday Comp. Visitor. $26
Twilight Fees $15 Thursday Comp. Member. $16
Social Clubs $25 Thursday Comp. Visitor. $26

Junior Golf

Junior Clinics
1st-teeDGS Junior Beginner Clinics are held here at Morisset Country Club on Fridays from 4-5pm during school terms. Cost is $8 per week or $60 for a term.

Each week the clinic will consist of either a lesson or playing on the course. During Lessons, both of our PGA Professionals are on hand to go through the basics with each child individually through the hour. Every second week the juniors go out in groups with parents and helpers to play a couple of holes.

Children from 7-17yrs are welcome.

We encourage juniors to bring clubs if they have their own, otherwise there will be clubs they can borrow.

Part of the etiquette of golf is abiding by the local dress code. At Morisset, this

includes collared shirts, enclosed shoes and dress shorts. (No track pants)

Golf in Schools

Golf is a rewarding sport and a great way to teach kids self-discipline, etiquette and new skills both on and off the course. Dave’s Golf Shop at Morisset Country Club provides juniors with support and tuition in a friendly atmosphere through junior clinics.

Our PGA credited Golf Professionals offer quality tutoring and teach everything from basic golf technique to rules and etiquette when playing on the course. This is a great way to keep kids entertained and get them outdoors to learn new skills.

Does this interest your school? Why not organise a group clinic or visit our club for sport?

Junior Development Squad
The Morisset Junior Development Squad is a selection of juniors who have shown dedication and potential throughout junior clinics and members competitions. The development squad aids to ensure juniors are given the correct advice in order to improve and encourage their practice and playing routines for the future.

The Squad attends Training Sessions every Wednesday with Head Professional David Stretton. Most of the juniors go on to represent Morisset during the pennant season. For more information, please call the 02 4973 2455.

Social Golf

Social Tee Times

Mon – All Day. Tue – After 12.30pm. Wed – All Day Thu – After 2.30pm. Fri – All Day.

Sat – After 3pm. Sun – After 3pm

Please ring Pro Shop for availability 02 4973 2455

Conditions for Social Golf Clubs

The Social Club must telephone the Pro Shop, (02) 4973 2455 or email the Office at least fourteen (14) days prior to confirm the booking and then seven (7) days to the date to confirm numbers of players.

  • Green Fees will be charged for the number of players booked to play.
  • Green Fees must be paid to the starter, prior to play.
  • Green Fees will be levied in accordance with the table shown previously, the club reserves the right to increase Green Fees without further notice.
  • No Social Club is entitled to start more players than originally booked, unless prior arrangements have been made in writing within seven (7) days.
  • All players must meet our standard dress requirements or they will not be permitted to play. Sports socks must be worn with dress shorts, shirts must have collars, thongs are definately not permitted on the course, shoes must have a heel, boot type footwear are not permitted on the course, clothing to be neat and tidy.
  • Players must hit off the yellow markers (Social) unless prior arrangements have been made, red markers for ladies.
  • Players must adhere to the local rules applying at the time of play.
  • The following course etiquette must be observed at all times:

– to avoid slow play, please walk quickly between shots
– when a ball is lost or hit out of bounds, call the following players through
– please carry a sand bucket (available adjacent to the 1st and 18th tees) and fill divot marks;
– please rake the bunkers after use.

  • Under no circumstances is alcohol to be brought onto the course as it is available at the canteen or club house.
  • Note: We reserve the right to negotiate any clash of date requirements and to refuse any application.
  • Social clubs are expected to play and behave in the same manner as our club members.
  • Members are expected to play each nine holes in no longer than 2 hours and 15 minutes.

We do have a good relationship with Social Clubs and would like to continue; however, Social Clubs whose members behave outside of accepted principles will not be permitted to play again.